I would like this to be an unforgettable experience for both of us. Thank you for taking time to read my etiquette tips.

Pre-booking is highly recommended. I want to be able to accommodate you and be available the day and time you prefer. Please fill out my booking form if this is a first time appointment.

Hygiene is extremely important. Please be well groomed and freshly showered as I will be for you. If you are in between meetings or have a tight schedule, don’t worry! I will always have a shower available for you.

Please have a pre-counted gift ready and leave in plain sight on the dresser or desk upon arrival. If you are using a credit card, payment for the first hour must be made before arrival to allow processing time.  The remainder of any balance must be made upon arrival.  When meeting in public, please use a gift bag or greeting card envelope.

Be aware that certain limitations are the norm in a non-monogamous casual affair. Everyone is very unique in their needs, and while I do my absolute best to accommodate, it is not possible to forsake my health and safety in doing so!